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We've joined with Koniver Wellness to bring you the most effective recovery and wellness services. We are also IV providers for Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for your health goals.

Fast Vitamin IV Push is just as its name suggests! 19 different undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are “pushed” intravenously by our Registered Nurses over 60 seconds. The result? A much more potent, lasting response as nutrients are 100% absorbed (vs 20% of nutrients taken orally). This means fast rejuvenation of your body. You’ll experience boosted energy and mood, better sleep, more intense workouts, as well as accelerated memory and mental acuity! It’s also a great option for easier workout recovery and hangovers. This protocol is perfect for helping you maintain your wellness in a busy life.

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NAD+ is truly a remarkable therapy producing astounding results! NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a vitamin B3 derivative that assists clients who are seeking its anti-aging and improved mental clarity benefits. NAD+ aids in refueling brain chemistry by helping improve cellular mitochondrial health. It is useful for a multitude of issues including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injuries, Anxiety, Depression, and Chemical Dependencies, as well as for the overall enhancement of performance. The Brain Refuel™ Protocol by Dr. Craig Koniver of Koniver Wellness includes a NAD+ followed by a Fast Vitamin Push. *If you are interested in NAD and are not a current client, please call us for more details to discuss if you’re a candidate.

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