How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Benefit You

I can’t express enough how wonderful my experience has been since I started replacing my testosterone with Hormone Replacement Therapy.  It was strange because I thought that someone as young as myself (in the early ’40s) would not be having any type of issues…I was wrong.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is A Game Changer!

It all started when I was introduced to a company called BioTE.  My wife was the medical director of a Medspa and one of the perks was that she got something called “Testosterone Pellets” for free.   She encouraged me to do the same so I decided to look into it further. hormone-replacment

I felt that this might be appropriate, as I would come home from work absolutely exhausted, I was grumpy all the time and I lost my mojo.  Additionally, I had started finding it harder to crush my workouts and had put on some additional weight.  I was hoping that there was an easy explanation as to why I was a shell of the person that I used to be that

The first step was to get my bloodwork done.  It had been a while since I had had my blood work checked so I felt that it was a good idea to get a baseline as to where I was at.  What I learned was my testosterone was in the lower 300’s which is technically considered “normal” albeit the very low range of normal.  My doctor reviewed the labs with me and determined that although my testosterone was on the low range of normal, I was definitely a candidate for Testosterone replacement therapy.  She asked why I would choose to live on the low range of normal when I could feel amazing and have my testosterone in the same levels as when I was in my 20’s.

Say no more, sign me up!

The procedure was simple and done at the office.  The Testosterone pellets are inserted into the hip.  The area is numbed with lidocaine (this stings and burns a bit) and then a small incision is made and the pellets are inserted under the skin and I left with a small dressing.  I was pretty numb, so after the anesthetic, I did not feel anything more than pressure.   I was advised to not workout or sit in a pool for 5-7 days because this would help the pellets heal and help minimize the chances of them coming out or getting infected.

I will say that I was sore for the first 3-4 days but once that passed, I felt no discomfort after that.  I was informed that I would start to feel the effects in about two weeks.  The first time I noticed something was at the gym.  I was running on the treadmill at Orange Theory Fitness and I seemed to have an extra gear.  I was able to run faster for longer and it was awesome.  Additionally, I found myself to be “in the mood” all the time!  It really did feel like I was in my 20’s again.  I noticed a lot more mental focus and I started sleeping better, all of which helped me with my mood.

When I went back for my follow-up appointment and lab draw, my Testosterone was now in the 900’s and I was loving it.  My wife also had a similar experience only her recovery time was a lot shorter.  She was also in a better mood and I will say that optimizing both hormones was great for our marriage.

Since we started Smooth Aesthetics, we got into the business of helping people feel better about themselves.  We knew that we wanted to offer Hormone Replacement Therapy because of both of our experiences.  BioTE changed my life and helped improve my marriage.  Traditional medicine does not typically treat Testosterones that are considered to be in a normal range but there is not really much of a difference between a T level of 301 and that of 299.

Why not feel amazing? With a simple blood test, you can take the first step into feeling young again because let’s face it, getting old sucks.  I choose to prolong feeling old for as long as possible.  Learn more at